Hong Kong, China.


May. 2014

I am fascinated by society’s increasing appetite for information – The latest feed, the most recent tweet or post rolling into the past on the wave of a finger. like unlike follow unfollow. We are living in a world where information is fed to us, spoon to mouth, one after the other, repeatedly¦ but where does it all go? What happens to this information we digest?

This constant barrage of images and information we knowingly and unknowingly absorb, on every journey, whether that is a lifetime or merely the time spent travelling from home to work, it is relayed to us as a subconscious feed, whether we want it or not; Billboard advertising , TV commercials, audio jingles, we store some, forget others like a jammed rotating billboard displaying different adverts all in one beautiful miss. Selling us a luxury lifestyle kids toothpaste for 12 monthly repayments like a real time, real life game of Exquisite Corpse.

This body of work is my personal game of that; each piece a subconscious output of images that I have stored, verbally assembled at first by being prompted to recall images while under hypnosis, each prompt resurrects an image that I've remembered, each image is noted for me to later assemble visually, as such I'm playing a game of memory with myself, over a lifetime of information absorption, some elements will be familiar as part of our visual landscape, others the figment of my imagination, together they form something new, something honestly dishonest.