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  • Downtown Dogs… - 22.04.2014

    One Way Dog LA

    Carpark Dog LA

    Street Dog LA

    Roof Top Dog LA 2

    Billboard Dog LA

    Trolly Dog LA

    UnDead LA

    Wing Strike LA

  • L.A. Book Launch. - 27.01.2014


    I’m very proud to announce my L.A. book launch will be held at my good friend Stephen Webster’s Rodeo Drive store on the 4th & 5th of February… who was it that said, “Reaching the bourgeoisie whilst rocking the boulevard!?”  Stay tuned, we have some exciting announcements coming up.

  • Goodbye Kitty - 31.12.2013

    Goodbye Kitty 02

    Goodbye Kitty 01

    Goodbye Kitty 03a

    …and it was Hello from us… and Goodbye from her.

  • Tokyo Book Launch - 20.12.2013

    Tokyo Gallery Shot

    Tokyo Gallery

    Thank you to Parco for hosting my book launch, Medicom/Sync for making the gallery store actually have something to sell and most importantly all the people that turned up for the opening, humbled. A particular shout to Seigo and Nao, who did their very best to match us drink for drink every night… you’ll know better next time!



  • Don’t Look Back… - 19.12.2013

    Don't Look Back 02

    Don't Look Back 05

    The last time I saw her she had a black eye, there’s nothing sexier than that, except for a single tear on a porcelain cheek, I whispered ‘Don’t look back’ and she never did.

    - Shibuya, Tokyo. Based on the Roy Lichtenstein painting ‘Girl with a hair ribbon’ that hangs in the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. Which was based upon the comic art by John Romita.

  • D*face One Man & His Dog Cover Lowres

    One Man & His Dog.

    Signed copies available exclusively over at StolenSpace Gallery. www.stolenspace.com...

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    L.A. Book Launch.

    I’m very proud to announce my L.A. book launch will be held at my good friend Stephen Webster&...

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  • New World Disorder Invite2

    New World Disorder

    06/06/13  StolenSpace Gallery...

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