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  • Last Embrace Before Departure. - 01.07.2014

    Last Embrace Before Departure, Sweden 2014 webres

    Last Embrace Before Departure, Long View Sweden 2014 webres

  • HonestlyDishonest, Hong Kong. - 01.07.2014

    HonestleyDishonest Interior Install

    HonestleyDishonest Interior 02 webres

    HonestleyDishonest Interior 01 webres

    HonestleyDishonest Interior Grid Webres.

  • Sweet Nothings - 25.06.2014

    Sweet Nothings PMQ Hong Kong May 2014 02 webres

    Sweet Nothings PMQ Hong Kong May 2014 Webres

  • Rocket Dog. - 24.06.2014

    Hollywood Road HK May 2014 01 webres

    Hong Kong Night Dog webres

  • Coachella D*Faced - 28.04.2014

    Spunge Robbed Coachella webres

    Spunge Robbed Coachella Kid Cudi webres

    Spunge Robbed Coachella Pixies webres

    Like a reverse ‘Great Escape’ these cubes were smuggled on site in parts, hidden up trouser legs and fashioned as capes… apparently Coachella don’t do this ‘sort of thing’ – well I did say it’s unlike any other festival… just as well I do this sort of thing… I like a mosh pitt too, apparently no one at Coachella likes these either… WTF!?




  • HonestlyDishonest


    If you’re in Hong Kong and have nothing better to do, come down to my opening, even if you do ...

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  • D*face One Man & His Dog Cover Lowres

    One Man & His Dog.

    Signed copies available exclusively over at StolenSpace Gallery. www.stolenspace.com...

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    L.A. Book Launch.

    I’m very proud to announce my L.A. book launch will be held at my good friend Stephen Webster&...

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