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  • Reykjavik, Iceland. - 12.05.2016

    Bend Embrace Reykjavic 02 webres

    Bend Embrace Reykjavic Process 02 webres

  • Día de Muertos, Mexico. - 28.01.2016

    Los Mural Mexico


    Big thanks to Ricardo and Gonzalo, for making this happen.


  • Peacemaker - 08.10.2015

    Peace Pipe webres


  • When the chips are down…. - 29.09.2015

    Vegas Chip Poster 06 webres  Vegas Chip Poster 04 webres  Vegas Chip Poster 02 webres

    Vegas Chip Poster 03 webres

    Vegas Chip Poster 01 webres

    Vegas Chip Poster 05 webres

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  • Trail Of Tears - 25.09.2015

    Trail Of Tears webres

    Trail Of Tears detail webres

    Trail Of Tears Location webres

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    Wasted Youth

    Upcoming… ‘Wasted Youth’ I’m proud to announce my first solo Museum exhibition t...

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    Scars & Stripes

    I’m pleased to announce my return to LA (I don’t need half an excuse to come back) and m...

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  • HonestlyDishonest


    If you’re in Hong Kong and have nothing better to do, come down to my opening, even if you do ...

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