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  • Nothing Lasts Forever / Sweet Nothings - 24.08.2015

    Nothing Lasts Forever Sweet Nothings 02 webres


    Richmond Virginia, big thanks to Shane at Art Wino and Tony at RVA Mag making it all happen!

  • Wasted Youth, CAC Málaga Centro de Arte Contemporaneo - 24.08.2015

    Malaga Instal 04 webres Malaga Instal 05 webres

    Malaga Instal 01 webres

    Malaga Instal 06 webres

    Malaga Instal 02 webresThanks to everyone that’s been along to visit ‘Wasted Youth’ and massive thanks to CAC Málaga for the belief and opportunity. The show runs until 27.09.2015.  Ph. José Luis Gutiérrez, courtesy CAC Málaga.

  • Freedom Fighter. - 24.08.2015

    Freedom Fighter Berlin webres

    Berlin, next to my good friend Shepard Fairey for the StolenSpace group show “Freedom” at Urban Nation.

  • Oh God! Why Can’t My Boyfriend Surf?! - 18.08.2015

    Oh God! I wish My Boyfriend CouldSurf?! webres

    Boyfriend Could Surf Progress webres

    Oh God! Why Can't My Boyfriend Surf?! webres

    Honolulu, Hawaii.  Thanks to the Pow Wow Hawaaii family and friends…

  • Malaga Dogs. - 30.06.2015

    Malaga Dog 1 webres

    Malaga Dogs 2 webres

    Malaga Dogs 3 webres

    Malaga Dogs 4 webres

    Malaga Dogs 6 webres

    Malaga Dogs 7 webres

    Malaga… where the dogs run free..

  • HRH Real Flag webrs

    Wasted Youth

    Upcoming… ‘Wasted Youth’ I’m proud to announce my first solo Museum exhibition t...

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    Scars & Stripes

    I’m pleased to announce my return to LA (I don’t need half an excuse to come back) and m...

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  • HonestlyDishonest


    If you’re in Hong Kong and have nothing better to do, come down to my opening, even if you do ...

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