I Am Suarez Collection


I Am Suarez

Jewellery collaboration with Joyería Suárez

It is with huge excitement that I present to you my brand new jewellery collab with the super talented people over at Joyería Suárez. The ‘I Am Suarez’ collection is aimed at creating a well balanced fusion between the rebellious attitude that has always clung to street art and the immaculate craftsmanship that defines the high-end jewellery industry.

The intricate pieces that make up this collection mirror a variety of my own work from across the last ten years, turning the graphic into the graceful, pop into polished. It’s such an awesome thing to see an image you designed for a wall or canvas get translated into an object so refined - I’m used to producing work with bold lines, and a pop colour-palette, yet they’ve transitioned so well into jewellery. It really speaks to the craftsmanship and expertise of Suarez.

Click the link below to check out the whole collection!

Max Benham