Photo Caption: When I was 11 I was given @thrashermag by the older kids at school. The advert artwork for @santacruzskateboards was eye candy to me, a visually starving kid. A few years later I discovered that those graphics were created by one incredible artist ;’Jim Philips’. Skateboarding changed my life and Jims artwork is accountable for the graphic influence and direction that got me here. The Screaming Hand is and still remains one of my favourite graphics of all time, the fact it’s 30 years young makes me feel a little worn around the edges, but thankful of the influence it had on me from such a young age. The screaming hand 30th anniversary art show is on display at the House of Vans London. I don’t have anything in it, but it’s well worth a look. #santacruz #screaminghand @jimbophillips

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